how to draw a beach easy landscape image - landscape painting | The Art of Sand

With this video, you will be able to create a beautiful quartz sand painting of a beach wave piece. I hope this introductory tutorial can help you, wish you happy creating!

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landscape painting - How to draw Sunshine Golden Mountain | The Art of Sand

Quartz sand painting is a specialized art form that is often used to create landscapes and abstract paintings. In quartz sand painting, the artist uses different colors and grain sizes of quartz sand, which is spread layer by layer on a flat surface to create the image. This technique creates rich textures and layers that give the image vividness and depth. "Sun Shining on the Golden Mountains" refers to a painting that shows the sun shining on a golden mountain range. This may be shown as a golden glow cast on the tops of the mountains, creating a warm and radiant effect. The artist can express the beautiful scene of the sun shining on the golden mountains by skillfully controlling the color and distribution of the quartz sand.

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landscape painting - how to paint sunset clouds  | The Art of Sand

Sunset evening sunsets are one of the common themes in quartz sand paintings. In such paintings, the artist, through meticulous design and careful selection of quartz sand, shows the sun gradually sinking, the sky taking on gradations of orange, pink and purple, and the evening sun reflecting beautifully on the water and clouds.

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Spring Flower Field Painting - Quartz sand painting tutorial | sand painting

Through unique artistic techniques, this painting shows the gorgeous scene of spring flowers, immersing the viewer in the warmth of spring and the feast of flowers.

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