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In the spring mountain scenery, the first thing that catches the eye is the clean and flawless blue sky. Under the blue sky, the white clouds wander leisurely, as if the purest brushstrokes of nature have executed a splendid painting on the canopy. Carefully selected white quartz sand, gently sprinkled on the blue background cloth, a white cloud seems to drift down with the wind, quietly lying in the blue embrace.

In the mountains on a spring day, the blue sky is as blue as a wash, and white clouds are vivid in tranquillity. If you look up, you can see such a natural picture - a piece of snow-white clouds in the blue sky, as if a light dream, free to stretch in the air. And wildflowers of all colours are swaying in the mountain wind, some scattered in the grass, some blooming into a piece, like a colourful carpet on the earth.

Trees, is the spring mountains indispensable spirit. They stand on top of a piece of the mountains, the branches of the new green like waves. From the tenacious pine and cypress to the gentle willow, whether it is a small shrub or a tall tree, are in their own way to tell the story of spring, pregnant with the vitality of the forest. The rivers between the mountains and the forests are the animating brushstrokes in this landscape. They are either wide and slow, or narrow and rapid, meandering, melodious and joyful, playing a branch of spring music.

Spring is a magical season that brings us unlimited hope and surprise. The blue sky and white clouds in the mountains, the trees surrounded by wildflowers, and the singing rivers all tell us about the continuation of life and the cycle of the years. Quartz sand painting is the pen and ink we use to record this hymn of spring, framing the spring light in our hearts and minds, so that people's minds can be purified and at peace between viewing. The spring mountain scenery and the quartz sand painting play a concerto of spring, letting us feel the power of life and the infinite charm of art in it.