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In this tutorial, we will walk together into this orange-coloured beach and learn how to capture the beauty of this moment through quartz sand painting.

First, we need to prepare the following materials: quartz sand of different finenesses, paints, adhesives, a colour palette, a canvas and brushes. The fine sheen of quartz sand is ideal for creating beach landscapes as it captures light and shadow very well.

We divide the creation into the following steps:

Step 1: Sketch the first draft on the canvas and gently outline the coastline, the sea level in the distance and the evening sun in the sky. You are free to use your own ideas, depending on the actual scene or what you have in mind, but keep the balance and harmony of the whole picture.

Step 2: Colour mixing Mix the pigments with the quartz sand in a certain proportion to create the orange of the beach, the blue-green of the sea and the shades of red and purple of the evening sun. When mixing the colours, keep in mind the changing nature of the evening sun, and incorporate some gradient colours to reflect the layering of light and shadow.

Step 3: Creating the Evening Sunset First, use a paintbrush to apply adhesive to the sky portion of the painting, and then sprinkle on the pre-mixed reddish purple quartz sand, using the gradient of the sand's colour to create a sense of fluidity in the clouds in the evening sun. Evening sunset part should not be too fine, slightly do some blurring treatment, can better express its hazy texture.

Step 4: Shape the beach is the main body of the painting, we need to use orange quartz sand to restore the warm tones of the beach in the setting sun. A small amount of white sand can be mixed into the shoreline to depict the white foam left behind by the waves lapping at the beach. The rest of the beach can be detailed with finer sand to show the texture of the beach.

Step 5: the portrayal of sea water is the next part of the sea water, light blue and dark green with just the right, remember not to let the colour of the sea water over the evening sunshine, after all, the evening sunshine is the emotional core of the picture. Can be different sizes of sand grains to show the effect of the sea on the shimmering.

Step 6: Detail refinement in the painting is almost complete, with fine grit to add some details, such as: footprints on the beach, or depict the silhouette of a few seagulls. These small details will make your quartz sand painting more vivid, but also more of a story.

Throughout the process, we need to constantly adjust the colour and texture levels to give the picture a realistic and dreamy effect. Finally, when everything is ready, let's wait with a sense of accomplishment for the quartz sand painting to show its unique artistic charm against the orange beach and the evening sun!