water lily-Quartz sand painting tutorial | sand painting

Water lily, also known as water lily, lotus grass, is a kind of plant growing in the water, its buds waiting to bloom flowers and delicate, giving people a kind of gentle and quiet feeling. When the water lily blossomed its white petals, as a shy girl with a smile, like the water spirit, people fall for it.


quartz sand painting -Mountain view in spring|The Art of Sand

In spring, the blue sky hangs high, and white clouds float lightly by. Between the mountains, wildflowers compete to open, dotted with roadside green bushes. The rolling hills, rows and rows of continuous, as if the backbone of nature. In the distance, the river flows at the foot of the mountain, clear to the bottom, the soft sound of water like to tell the rhythm of life!


quartz sand painting - The Little Prince and the Rose | The Art of Sand

Quartz sand painting is an art form that uses quartz sand to create paintings, which are characterized by bright colors, rich textures and distinct layers. In quartz sand painting, the painter can create colorful effects by mixing quartz sand powder of different particle sizes, colors and textures. In this quartz sand painting tutorial, we will take the Little Prince and Rose as the theme, and present the picture vividly in front of the audience through the delicate touch and layering of quartz sand. Through fine painting techniques and the use of colors, the artist brings the image of the little prince and the rose to life.